Getting listed on

Why should I be listed?

Most people seaching for anything will use Google, Yahoo, or Bing - so why get listed on SomeoneLocal?

How high a website appears on the free "organic" listings of the major search engines is based on a number of factors, one of which is how many other websites contain links to it.

Providing the links are from relevant sites, they will improve your ranking.

If you don’t actually have a website, people will only find you if you have some kind of internet presence.

That could be social media, or websites dedicated to tradesmen like you.

SomeoneLocal is one such site.

Why do I have to register?

It is important to make sure only the owner of a business can edit that company’s information.

When you register your business, or take ownership of an existing listing, your email address is used as proof of ownership.

Your email address is also used if you need to reset your password.

Your email address will NOT be used to send you spam, and will NEVER be passed to any third party.

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My trade is not listed

SomeoneLocal will cover a wider range of trades over time, but this is being done one trade at a time to avoid having categories with virtually no tradesmen listed.

However, anyone who takes the time and trouble to register for an unlisted trade will be given priority.

Where there are no short-term plans to add their trade, they may be added as the sole representative for that trade, pending a more extensive listing.